Meet our palletizing robot designed for warehouse automation

Our Product

Fuji created the first robotic palletizer in 1982, and our design remains the premier for robotic palletizing.
FUJI ROBOTICS palletizer comes with high degree of know-how that already built-in robot software system.

Take a closer to Fuji ACE palletizer robot advantages:

  • Automatic calculation for optimum orbits and motion path.
  • Change to product type. pallet type, or stack pattern can be made on the fly.
  • High speed and energy savings achieved simultaneously.
  • Simple and easily operated
And We’d love to see you in our new office in Jakarta, Indonesia!

Engineering Support

Fuji has been optimizing end-of-line operations since the 1940’s and our engineers know how to choose the right equipment and put them in the best layout for your facility.

Layout Optimization

After assessing and designing your end-of-line layout, Fuji staff will match you up with the right integrator to ensure that you have someone you can trust installing your system.

Training Center

We have well trained system integrator in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia to help our customer make sure their system is always running well.

Meet Our Costumer